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  • Wall Mounting a TV with a Soundbar

    As TV technology advances they are becoming thinner and thinner. This can affect the quality of sound that they produce as the TV’s have less depth for the speaker drivers,...

    Jonathan Kings |

  • How to Tidy TV Cables - Cable Management Zen

    You’ve spent ages making sure you’ve bought the right size TV, with the right sound and features.messy-cables You’ve chosen to hang your new purchase on the wall to complete your...

    Jonathan Kings |

  • Mounting TV’s in a Recess

    How do I mount my TV in a Recess? Recess mounting a new thin LED, LCD or Plasma TV provides a stunning centre piece for any room without taking up...

    Jonathan Kings |

  • Suggestions for building a TV lift cabinet

    We have created an image below to offer some advice to our customers and to cabinet makers when building a cabinet that will house a TV Lift. As always if...

    Jonathan Kings |

  • Choosing the right TV Lift

    We have a wide range of TV Lifts available on our website and choosing the right one for you can be difficult.   The first question to ask is what...

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