TV Brackets with Long Extension

We often get asked which of our TV wall brackets has the longest arm or extension. This may be important to you for several reasons, like, mounting the TV is a recess, or trying to get a TV to pull out far enough to avoid a wall or cupboard.
  • Jonathan Kings

Mounting an OLED TV on a TV Wall Bracket

Have you just purchased a new OLED TV and want to wall mount it using an OLED TV Wall Bracket?
  • Jonathan Kings

How do I mount a TV on the wall and hide my cables?

More people are now deciding to wall mount their TV in order to save space within their homes. But what do you do about all of the cables. The last thing you want to see after all of the work getting your TV bracket installed is cables dangling down from the TV.
  • Jonathan Kings

Wall Mounting a TV with a Soundbar

As TV technology advances they are becoming thinner and thinner. This can affect the quality of sound that they produce as the TV’s have less depth for the speaker drivers, thus producing less bass. One way around this is to use separate speakers or a soundbar.
  • Jonathan Kings