The home entertainment centre has become a part of everyday home life. It is where hours are spent as family and friends come together to entertain and relax. BDI furniture merges innovative engineering and original design to seamlessly integrate today’s technology into the home, making the home entertainment centre feel more like home. From the family room to the living room to the bedroom, there’s a BDI solution for any setting.

While beautiful, BDI TV Stands are more than meets the eye. Advanced engineered to anticipate the needs of the most demanding home theatre systems with features like advanced cable management, IR friendly glass, concealed speaker and media storage compartments, adjustable shelves, and hidden castors. These features and many more assure simple set up, ease of use and lasting enjoyment of your home theatre system.

Since 1984, BDI has produced contemporary home furnishings that deliver an extraordinary combination of style, engineering and value. With innovative features and timeless designs, BDI furniture is an integral component to any home entertainment system.

BDI Home entertainment furniture is engineered with unique and innovative features inside and out, so there is always more than meets the eye. The short video on the right will outline those features that put BDI home theatre furniture in a class of its own.

AV4Home is proud to have been appointed a BDI centre of excellence. We have several examples of BDI furniture available to view in our showroom.

We have a selection of links below to take you to the range of BDI furniture. If you know the specific BDI range you are looking for, please click on the relevant section. If you wish to see the full BDI range, please click on the "All BDI Furniture" section.

BDI TV Furniture