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Wall Mounting a TV with a Soundbar

Jonathan Kings |

As TV technology advances they are becoming thinner and thinner. This can affect the quality of sound that they produce as the TV’s have less depth for the speaker drivers, thus producing less bass. One way around this is to use separate speakers or a soundbar.

But, what happens when the TV and soundbar are to be wall mounted? Some soundbars come with their own wall mounting brackets but these offer no flexibility in allowing the soundbar to be turned with the TV, say if mounting the TV in a corner or if the TV needs to be swung in different directions depending on the situation.


There are a number of soundbar brackets that can attach to a TV bracket. This has the advantage that when the TV is turned (or tilted) to the left or right, the soundbar turns with it. The soundbar brackets can be adjusted in position to allow a gap between the TV and soundbar or to have them touching with no gap in between. Cables for the soundbar can be hidden behind the TV to enhance the aesthetics.

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