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How do I mount a TV on the wall and hide my cables?

Jonathan Kings |

More people are now deciding to wall mount their TV in order to save space within their homes. But what do you do about all of the cables. The last thing you want to see after all of the work getting your TV bracket installed is cables dangling down from the TV.

The cleanest solution is to run the cables within the wall. Then you will have no cables on show at all. We have a range of HDMI Wall Plates and modular AV wall plates that will provide a great finish to the installation. The wall plate can be hidden behind the wall mounted TV and then another plate can be positioned further down the wall. Cables are simply plugged into the rear of the wall plate and routed within the wall. If you are unsure what cables you will need and you want to be able to add cables at a later date, then you could use a brush wall plate. The cables simply pass through the brushes and you still get a clean finish.

If channeling out the wall is not an option for you then you could use a cable management column that would run vertically down from the TV. This would house all of the cables coming from the TV. Underneath the TV you could use a small AV cabinet such as the Finewoods FW750 from Alphason to put your sky box, PS4 etc. Cables from the cabinet would run into the bottom of the cable management column, up to the top of the column and into the TV. The cable columns can be cut to size if required.