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Choosing the right TV Lift

Jonathan Kings |

We have a wide range of TV Lifts available on our website and choosing the right one for you can be difficult.


The first question to ask is what is the size of my TV?

Obviously, the main task of any TV lift is to either lift or lower the entire TV from a cabinet or from the ceiling. So we need to know the height of the TV in order to ensure that the TV lift will be able to bring the whole set out of the cabinet or ceiling. Measure the height of the TV and compare it against the amount of travel or movement that the lift offers. Our LF700 has 700mm of travel, so it will have enough movement for most TV's up to 46 inches. The LF1000 has 1000mm of travel, so it will have enough movement for most TV's up to 65 inches.


Size of Cabinet or Ceiling Void

The compact nature of the LF700 and LF1000 ensure that they are not much larger than the TV's they will be lifting. See the product information pages for details on the minimum height required for the TV Lift.


Pop-Up TV Lift or Lift and Swivel

The LF range of TV lifts are designed purely to raise or lower a TV and do not offer any turn. Future Automation have a range of Lifts that will allow the TV to be turned once moved into position.