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Illuminating your wall mounted TV

Jonathan Kings |

illuminating-wall-mounted-tv The LED Illumination lighting kit is supplied as a kit of 4 x white LED lighting strips, power supply, connection box and power switch. It can be attached to the back of any TV to create an immersive glow behind your television with its backlighting effect. It can reduce the strain put on your eyes when watching television for long periods.The LED Light kit can be attached to any TV using the using adhesive pads included in the box. If your TV is wall mounted or on a tv stand, the illumination kit will create a lovely backlighting effect. It can even be used under cupboards in your kitchen or behind glass shelves to illuminate the inside of cupboards to create an ambient backlighting effect. It is very simple to install, simply fix the led light strips in the desired position, plug the cable into the distribution box, plug in the power cable and you are done. Additional lighting strips may be ordered separately, see options, and up to 6 lighting strips may be used with 1 BTG400 power supply.

  • Sleek 355mm long aluminium strips
  • Suitable for glass shelves from 6mm-15mm thick
  • Long Life LEDs for years of use
  • Safe 12V DC System with 6-way DC distribution box

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