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Home Office Tips and Tricks

Home Office Tips and Tricks

Jonathan Kings |

There are a number of arguments for and against working from home, with many people suggesting that a home office increases a worker’s productivity. As well as controlling your own working hours, office space and surroundings, a home office is a great way to juggle work and family life.

With that in mind, we’re sharing our top tips to create the perfect home office space, including seating, tech, plants and more.

Dress professionally

Although it might sound dreamy to wake up and stumble straight into your home office, studies show that if you wear clothes that are designed for workwear, you’ll get more quality work done because you’ll be more focused.  By forcing yourself to get up early and dress for work, you will be in a much more professional mindset and therefore be more productive overall.


Get a supportive seat


If you’re spending most of your time in your home office sitting on behind a desk when working, then you need to prioritise supportive seating. Avoid back pain and repetitive strain injuries by making sure your desk and chair set up is suitable. Try investing in a decent office chair which is ergonomically sound.

Stock up on stationery

Treat your home office as you would a normal business by making sure you have stocked up on essential stationery like pens, staples and paper. Avoid unnecessary trips for smaller bits like these by making sure you have a spare supply, which you keep regularly topped up.

Organise documents

It is important that everything has its own place in your home office space, including important paperwork and documents. Once you have considered how much space you will need, there are several workstation options, including those by Maja, that will allow you to organise documents strategically, whilst keeping your workspace neat and tidy.

Remember lighting

Make the most of natural light where possible. However, investing in additional sources of lighting will make your home office space brighter and more inviting. Consider smaller lamps for mood lighting, which will also help to improve your mood and tackle eye-strain.

Don’t neglect the tech

When you’re first setting up your home office, it’s important to consider how many sockets you will need for your tech items. Where possible, invest in a cable management system in the form of ties or columns, to help keep the area neat and tidy, whilst allowing you to have multiple items powered at the same time.

Add plants


It has been proven that plants decrease stress and improve productivity, not to mention making your home office look much more appealing. To give you less things to worry about, why not opt for easy to care for plants such as cacti, which will add a touch of nature, without the upkeep stress.

Declutter regularly

Make decluttering your home office a regular habit, get rid of paper piles, coffee cups or anything else that is not aiding your overall workflow. Resist the urge to use your home office for anything other than work, especially not as your household’s storage space.

Establish office hours

If you’re working from a home office, you may find it easy to become distracted and work much longer than needed. Although flexibility is a key benefit of working from home, setting up office hours can help minimise distractions including drop-ins from friends or family, whilst keeping you to a tight schedule needed to help you stay focused.

Although it may require a few initial investments to get your home office off the ground, with a quiet, beautiful space and some clever organising, you could be well on your way to achieving top levels of productivity all from the comfort of your own home.