New QED Active HDMI Cables

QED is proud to present the new range of Performance Active HDMI cable designed specifically for use at High Speed at longer lengths.

This brand new design concept from QED, utilises QED's new Active Filter Technology which facilitates High Speed HDMI at cable lengths up to and including 15m. Previously it had been difficult to achieve support for 3D, Deep Colour or 4K video resolution over longer distances. It is often necessary to employ expensive booster boxes which require external power supplies or use cables with a difficult to hide “electronic bulge” inconveniently situated half way along. QED Performance Active HDMI changes all that by introducing Active Filter Technology™. A dedicated integrated circuit especially developed to provide High Speed data performance over long cable runs is built unobtrusively into the head shell of each cable.


Superior Video and Audio Performance

Independently tested to deliver High Speed w/Ethernet and exceed the requirements of the latest HDMI specification. Supports Full HD, 3D, 4K and Deep Colour.


Active Filter TechnologyTM

Special active electronics built discreetly into the head shell that are designed to extend the High Speed performance of the cable to 15m. It is so discreetly done in fact that the head shell has to be marked so that the cable is always installed the correct way around with the Active Filter at the “display” end. The signal is filtered to remove unwanted components of the signal above and below the required frequency band and the remaining signal is amplified to the original level. This means that features such as 3D, 4K and Deep colour can be enjoyed over long distances.

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