Use our Vogels TV Bracket fitter to find the Perfect TV Wall Mount for you


You’ve just bought yourself a brand new television and you now want to mount it onto the wall. You will no doubt discover the huge array of wall brackets available, inevitably you will find yourself asking, ‘Which  wall mount fits my TV’? With thousands of types of flat screen televisions on the market available in a variety of shapes, sizes and weights, sometimes it’s hard to know which wall bracket to choose. Not every television is compatible with every flatscreen TV mount.


Luckily we have a solution. Our ‘Flatscreenfitter’ database is the most extensive of its kind. No matter whether you’re looking for a TV wall mount for a Samsung TV, a Phillips TV, a Panasonic TV or any other brand, you’ll be able to find a mounting solution at Vogel's for it. Simply select the make, size and model of your LCD, LED and Plasma TV and our database will show you the brackets that are guaranteed to fit.


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