How to Tidy TV Cables - Cable Management Zen

You’ve spent ages making sure you’ve bought the right size TV, with the right sound and features.messy-cables You’ve chosen to hang your new purchase on the wall to complete your own private cinema. But with all of this technological joy comes one problem…the unsightly spaghetti junction of cables connecting devices up.
  • Jonathan Kings

Mounting TV’s in a Recess

How do I mount my TV in a Recess? Recess mounting a new thin LED, LCD or Plasma TV provides a stunning centre piece for any room without taking up any of the space within the room. The main problem with mounting in a recess is getting access to the rear of the screen should cables need upgrading or changing or connecting new cables when new equipment arrives.
  • Jonathan Kings

Suggestions for building a TV lift cabinet

We have created an image below to offer some advice to our customers and to cabinet makers when building a cabinet that will house a TV Lift. As always if you have any questions please give us a ring on 01623 672070



 AV4-LF700 Flat Screen Lifting Mechanism 700mm Lift / Travel AV4-LF1000 Flat Screen Lifting Mechanism 1000mm Lift / Travel AV4-LF600 Flat Screen Lifting Mechanism 600mm Lift / Travel
  • Jonathan Kings

Wall Mounting a new Sony KDL W6/W7/W8/W9 Series TV

Sony has continued to release a range of TV's that do not have the standard VESA wall fixings on the rear and can cause problems when wall mounting. These new TV's can be identified by their model number. Any Sony screen containing W6, W7, W8 or W9 in the model number are affected.