Mounting TV’s in a Recess

How do I mount my TV in a Recess? Recess mounting a new thin LED, LCD or Plasma TV provides a stunning centre piece for any room without taking up any of the space within the room. The main problem with mounting in a recess is getting access to the rear of the screen should cables need upgrading or changing or connecting new cables when new equipment arrives. Many standard brackets provide a simple hook on mechanism meaning that the screen will need to be lifting off the bracket and supported whilst cables are plugged in. This can be difficult due to the size of larger TV’s and can be a worrying experience given the cost of new TV’s.


We have a few TV brackets that will solve this problem. These brackets provide a ‘push to release’ mechanism makes getting access to the rear of the screen very easy. Simply push the TV and it will gently come away from the wall whilst still being completely supported by the bracket. Once cables have been added or changed, simply push the bracket into place. Job Done.