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  • Illuminating your wall mounted TV

    The LED Illumination lighting kit is supplied as a kit of 4 x white LED lighting strips, power supply, connection box and power switch. It can be attached to the back of any TV to create an immersive glow behind your television with its backlighting effect. It can reduce the strain put on your eyes when watching television for long periods.

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  • Choosing the right termination for speaker cables

    Choosing the right speaker cable for your system can be daunting enough, but once you have painstakingly chosen your ideal cable, you can be faced with another choice. What ends do i put on my new speaker cable? You can, of course, have the cable un-terminated and use bare wire. This is fine for most applications and sound systems with push speaker terminals will accept nothing else. Most applications and sound systems today will accept a selection of bare wire, 4mm banana connector or spade connectors.

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