• Introducing Project TV Stands by Optimum International

    Drawing on more than 20 years of experience creating innovative premium furniture, Optimum International has launched The Project Range of TV stands and home entertainment equipment cabinets.

    Project encompasses all the practical experience Optimum International has accumulated over the years. It includes design features and enhancements which offer functional solutions beyond what you’d expect of their prices.

    Each cabinet is built from hand-finished glass panels, which have a striking allure that creates a focal point for the room they’re in. The cabinets can house your set top boxes and games consoles with all their entailed cabling hidden from view.



    Optimum International has even created a cabinet designed to store a record player and several LPs. So, it’s time to crack out the vinyl again!



    The clean design lines are crisply defined by a satin aluminium trim on the hand-finished glass-faced panels of the equipment compartment doors. This unique innovative design not only looks modern and sleek, it also offers high resistance to common scratches and prevents the edges of the glass panels being chipped.



    Each cabinet is mounted on hidden soft roll wheels for smooth movement and has adjustable feet levels to set it firmly in place. All cabinets also come with integrated ventilation and cable management for your technology, as standard.



    To discretely keep sound bars out of sight, model designs are available with either a half height, or full height acoustic audio fabric door, instead of the standard glass door.

    The fabric options allow sound bars, or individual speakers, to be conveniently placed alongside other equipment you need to house. For equipment which’s controlled remotely, the fabric is infra-red friendly, so the signal will seamlessly pass through it.

    You can also remotely control equipment enclosed in solid doors, thanks to Project’s easy-to-install and use IR repeater module. So you’ll have a truly intelligent home for your technology, without any clutter.



    The Project Range will initially include 8 models, each available in a choice of 4 high gloss finishes in Brilliant White, Gloss Black, Graphite Grey and Fjord Blue. It will also have 3 matt colour finishes in Saffron Yellow, Midnight Blue and Cardinal Red. All these are shown below:



    The Brilliant White finish has no green/blue tint thanks to our hand-selected quality controlled glass. The Acoustic Audio Fabric Cloth is Black as standard. Glass finish samples are available on request, so you can check the colour works alongside the rest of your home décor. In the near future, Optimum International plans to offer customers a bespoke colour finish of their choice, at a modest extra cost. If this is an option that appeals to you, please contact us to discuss it.

    Project TV Stands are now on show within AV4Home’s showroom in Mansfield Woodhouse and the full range is available online to be viewed in detail at this address: www.av4home.co.uk/optimum_project

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  • How to Tidy TV Cables - Cable Management Zen

    You’ve spent ages making sure you’ve bought the right size TV, with the right sound and features.messy-cables  You’ve chosen to hang your new purchase on the wall to complete your own private cinema. But with all of this technological joy comes one problem…the unsightly spaghetti junction of cables connecting devices up.

    With the TV mounted on the wall and set-top boxes typically down below in a TV stand, there’s always a noticeable and often ugly gap where the black wires bridge across.
    Here are our top 5 tips on how to achieve cable enlightenment:

    Tip #1: Upgrade your cables
    cs22917-40_2If you’re wall mounting your TV, don’t just try and stretch the standard cables that come with it. Make life easier on yourself and buy the right size cabling for the job or cable extensions. This will reduce the amount of space needed and will reduce the likelihood of any damage through stressed connectors. Products like this HDMI adapter really helps in tight spaces.


    Tip #2. Colour coding/labels
    Instead of wiggling bits of cable up and down to identify the right cable, add cable labels or colour coding so you know exactly which cables do what.


    Tip #3. Separate your cables
    Have you ever tried to find a plug socket you can use and pulled out the wrong plug? This is not the area you want to scrimp and save. Remember we’re trying to achieve Entertainment Centre Nirvana here. Spoil yourself and get a Multiple socket extension lead specifically for your entertainment system and ensure it has surge protection for your precious AV devices.
    Bonus tip: It’s also a good idea to separate your power cables from audio/visual cable as it reduces the likelihood of interference between the two if they run on analogue signals.


    Tip #4. Cable ties declutter
    Cable ties are a quick way to organise your cables into related groups e.g. Audio, power, system separates. Not only is this really handy when trouble shooting or when moving your equipment, they are also great at tying up loops of excess cable which may get caught, snagged or in the way.


    Tip #5. Cable Management columns
    Vogels-Cable-10-Cable-Management-System-HD-1_1The final tip is to hide your neatly tied and organised cables using a

    cable management column. Instead of exposed cables running to the floor, you can finish off all of your hard work with a professional cover matching the aesthetics of your room.


    With a bit of time and patience on a rainy day you can stand back and be proud of a mounted TV without the mess of cables ruining the look. Your technological investment has been finished off with a professionally organised cable management system that will be the envy of all of your friends.

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  • B-Tech System X Video Wall Mounting Solutions

    B-Tech International are pleased to announce the launch of the full range of new System X mounting solutions for video walls, digital signage and menu boards. Available to order now, the range is also ideal for all multiscreen applications. System X has been designed in the UK to meet the demanding requirements of today’s installations, with unique features that benefit both integrators and end-users alike. The system is lightweight yet incredibly strong and features a universal design which supports all models of screens. The high-end aesthetic quality of System X gives a premium finish and, when used for multi-screen applications, provides near limitless configuration combinations to satisfy almost any requirement. Choosing a solution that meets your exact needs has never been easier thanks to new B-Tech designed software. The new online configuration tool instantly calculates a solution to meet your requirements from over 2,000 different System X configurations. Available either in ready-to-go kit form, or in modular components for custom requirements, the range is also compatible with B-Tech’s System 2 Ø50mm pole and collar range - together providing one of the most versatile and comprehensive ranges on the market today. With its premium aluminium finish & optional 8-point tool-less micro adjustment, it provides a stylish and reliable multiple screen mounting solution.

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  • Mounting TV’s in a Recess

    How do I mount my TV in a Recess? Recess mounting a new thin LED, LCD or Plasma TV provides a stunning centre piece for any room without taking up any of the space within the room. The main problem with mounting in a recess is getting access to the rear of the screen should cables need upgrading or changing or connecting new cables when new equipment arrives. Many standard brackets provide a simple hook on mechanism meaning that the screen will need to be lifting off the bracket and supported whilst cables are plugged in. This can be difficult due to the size of larger TV’s and can be a worrying experience given the cost of new TV’s.


    We have a few TV brackets that will solve this problem. These brackets provide a ‘push to release’ mechanism makes getting access to the rear of the screen very easy. Simply push the TV and it will gently come away from the wall whilst still being completely supported by the bracket. Once cables have been added or changed, simply push the bracket into place. Job Done.

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  • Multibrackets HD2623 Flexarm Corner TV Wall Bracket

    The new Flexarm HD2623 Corner TV Wall Bracket from Multibrackets is an ideal solution for wall mounting larger TV screens either in a corner or if you require a wall bracket with a lot of swivel. The TV bracket will suit screens up to 70" and will extend from the wall a massive 56cm. The bracket is also slim when pushed back to a flat wall, sitting only 5.1cm from the wall.

    It will suit VESA and non-VESA screens due to its universal type mounting plate and included in the package is a wide range of fixings to suit most screens.

    If you are unsure if it will suit your TV then give us a call on 01623 672070 and we will check for you

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  • UK-CF Fusion Matching Lounge and Dining Room Furniture Has Arrived


    UK Contemporary Furniture company UK-CF have released the Fusion range of matching lounge and dining room furniture. This magnificent range of furniture includes 160cm wide AV storage units, wall shelves, display cabinets, lamp tables and dining room tables. The range is all designed to be expandable so you can add matching units in the future or buy them all at the same time. The range comes in a choice of two finishes, either Oak and Cream or Walnut and Grey.


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  • VESA Adapter Plate for LG EG9xxx Range

    There are a few new LG screens which do not have the usual VESA fixings on the rear, so wall mounting them can be a problem. Future Automation have released an adapter plate that will solve this problem.

    The effected screens are as follows

    LG 55" EG9600
    LG 55" EG9200
    LG 55" EF9500
    LG 65" EF9500

    This adapter plate will allow these screens to be used with standard tv wall brackets

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  • Jual JF209 in Gloss Black is Finally Here

    Many of our customers have asked for a gloss black version of the very popular Jual JF209 Cantilever TV Stand, and now it is here. It still has the beautiful curved lines of the JF209, but is now finished in a fabulous Gloss Black.

    Below are all three models in the JF209 range. Delivery is quick and as always FREE to UK Mainland

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  • New Maja Furniture TV Stands and Furniture

    We have just added new ranges from popular German furniture manufacturer Maja to our website. This new range consists of some very exciting new TV stands in some lovely new colours. See the full range of Maja Furniture here

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  • Showroom Updates - New Vogels and B-Tech TV Wall Bracket Display

    We have just finished adding two new displays to our Mansfield Showroom. The new sections include a comprehensive display of Vogels TV Wall Brackets for our customers to view and play with before choosing one TV Bracket best suits their TV and requirements. The Vogels display shows of the ultra thin range, the WALL2245, WALL2225, WALL1315 and others.


    Our second display shows a range of B-Tech TV Brackets such as the BT8221, BT7514 and the BT881 projector bracket.


    Why not come and visit our showroom in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire and see these new TV Wall Bracket displays as well as a massive range of TV Stands, HDMI Cables, Speaker Cables and AV Wall Plates. We have plenty of on-site parking.

    DSCF5634 DSCF5635 DSCF5636

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